Shoe care

Each pair of custom kicks comes sealed with a water proof acrylic finish I protect the illustrations in the shoe. However here are a few shoe care instructions to extend the life of your custom kicks.

1. Do not soak the shoes while the acrylic seal makes the shoes water proof it isn’t 100% preventative. Try not to wear the shoes in the rain/snow. The constant exposure to water will cause the seal to wear.

2. Try not to wear the shoes every single day/ when walking great distances. The shoes have a tendency to crack just where your toes curve. Sometimes this effect is barely noticeable, other times it adds a cool effect but also can’t be fixed.

3. It’s okay to clean the sides and lightly wash away any stains or marks. Having some water on the designs to wipe dirt away can be effective, but do so with caution as to not break the acrylic seal.

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