Natural Guides Retrospective


I can’t believe it’s already July!

These past few months have flown by what with preparations for comic con seemingly taking over all of my free time. Never have I been so busy and constantly making art. I feel through meditations and exploration of different spirit animals I have attained a very positive attitude and outlook. The building blocks leading to this over the past year is something I tried to chronicle and capture with Natural Guides. Natural Guides was a pop up show featuring artwork by Alicia Brunet and myself. A realtor from Lynn, Soraya Cacici came to my aid in setting up a venue and home for the work to showcase in. Since then Soraya has become a very admired and personal friend to me. I owe her and several others my extreme thanks including Nest Forward, Raw Artworks, and George Koutsos Lending. Without the support and aid of these individuals and organizations it would have never happened. I also wanted to thank again Keith Elliot for providing music for the opening and Ricky Nelson for donating time to bartend.

Organizing this show was a very rewarding experience, it gave me a new appreciation for how much work goes into putting on a show. It was amazing to see these creations and stories I had worked on showcased in a gorgeous loft in downtown Lynn for many to see. We also filled the house! You can read about the opening reception here on Lynn Happens. With this post I have included several images from the night as well as information about the concept of Natural Guides.

Thank you for reading. – B



Natural Guides was conceived to showcase a year of knowledge and spiritual journey. As a person untied to any formal practices of spirituality, the intersections and signs in my life weren’t always plainly laid out. I had entered into a new journey through therapy, dissecting dreams and how they related to my own struggles as well as my attributes. This was a concept that I had studied during my senior year at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Different guides had oft presented themselves to me in dreams; visions of these beasts that evoked a very powerful and intense feeling on me. Visions seemed to stay with me for weeks at a time and only once I had started therapy did I ever really look into them. Natives believed these different animals responded to different traits in a person, that they were arriving in a dream state to guide you and help you along. I took comfort in this and tried to embrace my guides and their meanings. Different guides began to arrive in my dreams and with them new sets of meanings that hit closer to home with who I am as a person now and what they mean to me. How closely these creatures and their demeanor resembled mine in my most stressful states astonished me. It made me feel more connected to the earth and created a humbling spiritual feeling within my demeanor and outlook.

Through a series of meditation and education about the different animals, stresses in my life began to have less weight to them. The ocean returned as a symbol of importance in my life; It seemed to be the one place I could actually relax and destress from my days. In this body of work I have chosen to honor my guides, to create work that has been inspired by this year long spiritual journey through therapies and meditation. Some of the pieces were inspired by traditional native stories I have heard and read about, some are actually based on dreams I have had about the guides, visions during acupuncture sessions and some representing the crest I have identified myself with. To emphasize the importance of dreaming in this long journey, Alicia Brunet has hand crafted dream catchers, highlighting the different paths and routes the journey has taken. She has been an endless support to me throughout the year and every year since I have met her.


Brandon Gorski