Reflection 2017


I thought I would try something different for the end of 2017. I wanted to try to write out and reflect on the year in terms of creative projects and journey. This is more so to help me value all the things I work on throughout the year as well as hold myself accountable in the year to come.


During winter months of 2017 I started working on auction artwork for RAW artworks in Lynn, it’s a non profit I have been working at since 2006. always enjoy getting back into the studio, this past year a lot of the work I put put focused on abstract landscapes. I would listen to different bands that play instrumental music and try to paint with palette knives to the beats. The final piece being composed around the theme of “Home” I changed my style to a more controlled method.

Outside of raw I continued to work on pieces for another Natural Guides show focusing on Native Folklore. I also started doing commissions of D&D characters.

Oh and I moved in with my girlfriend, Alicia of 6 years. Quite a first half of the year.


The first weekend in May was huge, with the annual auction and Free Comic Book Day falling on the same day. I always have a blast working in store all day, I’m very thankful my friends at Silvermoon Comics in Salem always ask me back!

the next few months were prepping for a trip across country to visit my girlfriends relatives in Oregon. The trip was definitely amazing and life changing.

Oh yeah I also got engaged on the trip!


The end of August was actually my 30th birthday and my parents and Alicia threw me a surprise party in early September. I’m very grateful for all the folks that came out for it. Salem jazz and soul was also the end of August and I exhibited at that show and was an exhibitor at Granite State Comic Con in September.

October brought more in stores at silvermoon comics too, I love being a part of Halloween in Salem. I also participated in inktober for most of the month, though my hand problems started up once more.

November I started working on Legends of Lys after attending MICE the month before. It was the fastest I’ve fully drawn and put together a short comic. I had the issue printed and was selling copies but the end of November. Raw also started back up at the end of the same month and carried me into December.

My good friend Cory also helped clean up my website too during this month, I’m really loving the new clean look it has. That leads us to Christmas commissions and finishing up the year.

Somehow I managed to stuff going back to regular therapy and acupuncture while juggling all of this and the regular job too.
It’s inevitable to want to look forward, so I took some time to try and outline 2018 projects for those interested in my progress!

Project update



I spent most of 2017 touching up pages on the project, finishing pages that I had neglected and redrawing some. Toward the back half of 2017 I started to scan and letter pages but I do have quite a bit to go. The book itself will be double the size of Match. With the bulk of the artwork being done I really need to focus on lettering and editing pages for print. I’m aiming for a release for the weekend of Free Comic Book Day 2018.

Current status: Editing and Lettering.
Due out: May 2018

Legends of Lys

I was feeling really inspired in the back half of 2017 by MICE. The acronym stands for Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo. I have tried to showcase twice now and it always fills up pretty quickly. I was able to attend and witness the caliber of work being shown. I felt invigorated to try and complete a short book that I could put out real DIY style.

The concept is something I had also been kickin around for a bit. I wanted to do a story based on my D&D adventures but for all ages because I didn’t have material that anyone could just pick up. LEGENDS OF LYS was born.

The first issue was put out in November 2017 and the second is being drawn now. The great thing about the book is that I do everything by hand and print locally so it makes them limited but a lot faster to put out.

Current status: Issue 2 is being drawn
Due Out: February 2018, with more throughout the year

Other projects

LEGENDS OF LYS: Unnamed Spinoff
– this is still in early stages. It’s a different take on the legends of lys world that I’m only drawing, the book will be written by a friend of mine Antanas Meilus. We are still plotting the book but things are coming along. Looking also at a 2018 release, maybe in-between issues of Legends.

Current status: in plotting stages
Due out: 2018

Natural Guides
– I completed an additional body of work this past year as a follow up to the show I hosted in 2015. The new work focused on stories from native folklore. I’ve hit a wall with trying to find a gallery to host the show, and to be honest lack the resources to build out another pop up art show. I contemplated putting out a book featuring the artwork and some writings, but nothing is in motion at the moment.

Current status: work is finished, prints are available. No show is set up currently.
Due out: TBA

Art Book
-something I’ve been kicking around is an art book showing process illustrations and some unreleased content. Haven’t made any progress toward putting the book together.
It’s a someday project

Current status: plotting stages
Due out: TBA

If you are still with me, thank you so much for supporting me. I owe a lot to all the folks that showed me love and helped me out over the past year. I couldn’t have finished the year without support from others.

I hope you and yours have a very happy and healthy new year

B Gorski