Art In The Apocalypse

How do I even begin to delve into the nightmarish hells cape that the world has devolved into over the past month or so? I sat and read through my previous blog posts from a month ago, through the feelings of depression, anger angst and hopelessness.

I also tried to highlight the previous themes of Truth, Hope, Art and Gentrification and what those themes mean right now.

I sat, I paused and I considered.

I didn’t think how desperate I would be to be back in those moments when feeling those frustrations, at least I didn’t need to worry about stopping into the grocery store to get what I need. The world has completely turned upside down due to the current Covid-19 crisis that seems to be infecting people across all continents.

Legends Of Lys Amber Festival Page
by: Brandon Gorski

In case you were already collectively living under a rock, this virus has been rapid spread and particularly hits folks with preexisting respiratory and compromised immune systems hard.  Italy is literally in shambles at the moment with their hospitals being overrun and China is just getting a handle on the crisis as it hits the shores of the good ‘ol USA just in time for our leadership to proverbially shit their pants at the idea of having to comfort a nation that they continue to backhand into submission.

Am I surprised to learn that the current administration fired the pandemic team way back in 2018? No, the selfish tantrums of a red faced baby man do not surprise me.

Am I surprised the crisis is being downplayed by many people who refuse to give up their nightly routines as the neighborhood barfly? No, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Legends of Lys The Amber Festival Page
By: Brandon Gorski

I am surprised by the lack of art being made during this time. This could very well be the last works many of us do create, especially those who are truly in the cross airs or potentially being exposed to the virus.

I’m surprised that now that we are solely quarantined to our houses my feed isn’t being flooded with new works by all my mentors and fellow brethren artists. 

I think people are literally so numb with fear that diving into their soul to produce and share with the world is just too scary for them. I am firmly standing in place as this is the perfect time to be creating. Channel that unfocused energy snd rage into something positive.

Legends Of Lys The Amber Festival Page
By: Brandon Gorski

I for one am working diligently on finishing pages for In The Shade Publications 3 titles. I am having a blast with being able to just drop into pages, tune the rest of the noise out and just produce.

That is what makes me feel better, and that is how I am coping with the stress of the world.Albeit producing anything can be of use, or dancing, singing, playing an instrument, practicing photography. Just make something!

I am truly inspired by some of the bands I have seen doing live stream concerts (Dropkick Murphy’s was amazing, so thankful they did that.)

At this time of isolation, it’s truly important to reflect on the best use of our energy, of engaging in ways to be creative and use our brains before they melt out of our heads.

Legends Of Lys The Amber Festival Page
By: Brandon Gorski

Lets produce ANYTHING other than repeated Facebook posts about how your bored. Lets produce ANYTHING other than lines at Costco so you can get all of the toilet paper.

Stay sane out there. WASH YOUR HANDS.



PS: WASH YOUR HANDS. I dont care about your eye roll, I have an immune compromised daughter and mother in law and value their lives.

PPS: I hope you enjoyed images this week from Legends Of Lys: The Amber Festival. Coming this Fall if we survive the apocalypse.