2021 Recap

January - March

The beginning of 2021 started off with some Mistborn illustrations depicting scenes from each book. The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite fantasy series and showcase such unique abilities and characters. I took this project as an exercise in working on book covers for a series I love and that is already established. I had a lot of fun with these.
In the weeks that followed this I worked on some new Batman illustrations showcasing the Knightfall era. Batman Knight fall Week was also a nice break from comic work and allowed me to really hone in and focus on the designs of the characters, some new ways to do effects and shading.
Legends of Lys Amber Festival pages also continued through this time, I worked my way through the rest of issue 3 which thankfully I already had the script completed for.
Another big change in the beginning of the year was the adoption of my new best bud, Harry. Check out his photogenic self below!

April - June

April rolled through with some more work on Fenrir pages as I worked to wrap up the final issue of the series. I spent a lot of time incorporating new visual effects and styles to make the pages really different and more ethereal than before. I also continued working through more Amber Festival pages and lettering the story. I spent some time in may working on concept art for the Novel to try and visualize some of the characters in a setting. I feel this helped me immensely as being a more visual person tends to aid in long form writing. In June I was a part of Salem Arts Festival which was a successful outing down by the pier, I managed to get some books into the hands of some new readers and make some friendly connections as well. In June I also worked on a fan poster for comedian Andrew Santino who I have an affinity for from the Bad Friends Podcast. I had a lot of fun getting to play around with some textures for that poster.

July - September

July slowed down a bit and I transitioned into more warmups with the batman character family. I was trying to explore using less of a definitive black line in some of them whereas others I played with adding more gritty charcoal textures. August moved forward and I participated in Free Comic Book Day at SilverMoon Comics in Salem. I am always very pumped to return to Silver Moon as they are great friends and its always a fun turnout. I posted some of my commissions from the day below. Toward the end of August I was asked to work on a show flyer for Job Creators: my friend Tim Winslow’s band. I had a blast depicting the legendary O’Briens Pub of Boston in this different piece. To wrap September I worked on revising some Fenrir pages and experimenting with Hypershock styles.

October - December

In October I started to work on some new images for my appearance at Silver Moon. Every year the store opens its doors to local artists and allows them to setup and sell some wares. This year I worked on a classic Creature From The Black Lagoon image and Halloween Kills inspired by the new movie. During this in store appearance I had several commissions for the day which I have included below, thanks to all who commissioned these fun images! November I transitioned into some more warmups based on Stormlight Archive characters, more Hypershock page experimentation and Atlas Pages. December saw a return for some album artwork from musician, Donovan Melero of Hail the Sun. We worked together last year for some artwork on a single and this time he is gearing up to release a full album. While the piece is in progress, I posted one of the final versions as it stands currently. I have several more commissions to finish before the year is out, so Ill have to include them in my 2022 follow up!

Future Projects

Legends of Lys – I made lots of progress on Legends this year with the completion of Volume 2: The Amber Festival. Working on this book for most of 2021 was a real joy and found new ways to really push myself. I’m exploring options around a physical release for Amber Festival but the issues are going to be made available digitally on Comixology/Kindle. I’ve just really started drawing the second annual which will debut in 2022 exclusively on intheshadepublications.com

Current Status: Amber Festival has been completed, Annual #2 being drawn.

Fenrir & The Escape From The Deep: The sister book to Legends of Lys made some more progress this year. I revisited issue 1 and completely redrew large portions of the issue as I felt the art wasn’t quite up to snuff. Lettering has been stagnant on this for awhile and hoping we can push through in 2022 to finish this up. I have ideas in mind for another volume and would like to revisit, but not until this is done.

Current Status: In Progress, lettering needs to be done.

The Expeditions Of Atlas Clarke: The third In The Shade title that is written by Cory Lahue and drawn by me also made really strong movement this year. We are wrapping issue 5 with one more to go in the new year. Ive been enjoying how challenging drawing this book is and cant wait to share.

Current status: In Progress, we are working on issue 5 and 6.

Hypershock: The next In The Shade title that I have been writing and chipping away at. I worked on several pages for this over the year but felt something was lacking with the connection for me. I was planning on releasing this as a website only release but have decided to pause for now.

Current Status: Paused. Several pages completed and art style developed. Stepping away from the project for a bit.

The Ten Rings: The novel continues, I am into Part 2 (technically chapter 20 give or take with the prologue and interludes..) I’m enjoying this process and it demands more flexing on my part of muscles I don’t get to use all the time. I’m unsure of a timeline for finishing the first draft but I’m continuing to make progress.

Current status: In Progress; I’m currently working on the 2nd part to the book. I’ve completed part 1 and its interludes and have parts 2 and 3 outlined.

Other Projects:


One Halloween Night– An anthology comic I’ve been kicking around for some time. I have drafted several versions of an Issue 1 of sorts. The idea is an anthology comic focusing on a single weird occurrence on halloween. I didn’t make enough progress before this past halloween but I will have a comic ready for next October. Another comic appearing on the ITS website.

Darke– A comic I’ve just started brainstorming. I felt a lack of interest in continuing to push HyperShock forward and started to look into making something with a Scifi Thriller theme. It’s very early to share any updates or sneak peeks.

Tendonitus Vol. 1 – Artbook that I have been teasing for a few years showing behind the scenes look and sketches of projects as I work on them. I did not make any progress with this in 2021.

As always thank you for your support and for reading this far along. I’m excited for new releases and projects in 2022 and hope you will follow along with me!