2021 Recap

January – March The beginning of 2021 started off with some Mistborn illustrations depicting scenes from each book. The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite fantasy series and showcase such unique abilities and characters. I took this project as an exercise in working on book covers for a series I love… Continue reading 2021 Recap

2020 Recap

Hello and welcome! At the end of each year I try to work on a recap of projects I worked on to highlight some of my personal favorites and give you a peek behind the curtain of my thought process and art evolution. I have done this in past years but sadly I lost those… Continue reading 2020 Recap

The Tempests’ Daughter

Welcome back to another weekly blog post featuring writing samples I have been wanting to share for some time. This week I am sharing some early writings I created as part of Ilona’s back story for D&D play. This was well before I started the Legends Of Lys comic, so certain character aspects and roles… Continue reading The Tempests’ Daughter

Ten Rings (Prologue)

The following excerpt is from a novel I have been working on the last few months titled, The Ten Rings. The story focuses around a world called Pharanx that is recovering from a worldwide attack by a species called the Brack. This prologue takes place several years after the defeat of the Brack we are… Continue reading Ten Rings (Prologue)

Art In The Apocalypse

How do I even begin to delve into the nightmarish hells cape that the world has devolved into over the past month or so? I sat and read through my previous blog posts from a month ago, through the feelings of depression, anger angst and hopelessness. I also tried to highlight the previous themes of… Continue reading Art In The Apocalypse

Art Vs Technology

As someone who is currently in the throes of working through mortgage applications and trying to scrounge together enough cash just to survive and live in a place that’s COMFORTABLE never mind some massive mansion that people spend imaginary amounts of money on, I am continuously disheartened living in the present climate.  I work in… Continue reading Art Vs Technology

Cloudy Dreams

What a strange time to debate the feelings and meanings around hope. Hope seems to be a concept sold to us at an early age, usually in the form of gifts or self serving good things that we want to happen. It’s almost always self serving as a youth and even now as adults we… Continue reading Cloudy Dreams

Dark New Year

In all of my years having an interest in comics I didn’t anticipate feeling emotionally invested in characters the way I am presently. When you are younger heroes are all encompassing, whether it’s the wildly fantastical stories or colorful uniforms or epic battles, you are just naturally drawn to them. I’ve had many different eras… Continue reading Dark New Year