Legends of Lys

Welcome to a land where creatures and monsters are real! A land where battles are waged and legends are forged! Join Ilona on her journey to become a paladin! When a scheming elder god named Talos joins forces with the woods witch named Vyl, a diabolical plan ensues to take out our heroes and Sanctum itself

All Ages – Fantasy – Volume 1 Available here
Volume 2 coming 2021

"this story is a classic fantasy story, which I personally love! You can tell Gorski has thought this world out well and knows the ins and outs of his own universe. This is important, because too often people jump into fantasy without fully think through their world’s history and nuances. Gorski has, and it comes through in the story. You can feel that each character is hiding more just below the surface and that eventually it will come out."

Fenrir & The Escape From The Deep

The sister book to Legends of Lys picks up after the events of Legends of Lys Annual. Fenrir finds himself in a strange land with dark skies, spirits and all manner of demons. Desperate to return home he embarks on a quest that could upset the entire balance of the Deep!

All Ages / Dark Fantasy / Coming Fall 2021 

Expeditions of Atlas Clarke

Welcome to the planet of Kishar — the largely unexplored new home for humanity. There’s plenty of fame and fortune to be earned by anyone willing to seek out the planets many mysteries, adventures, and treasures.

However before Atlas, a malfunctioning mechanical man, can set off on his own expeditions, he must first find out who created him and why.

Created & Written by: Cory Lahue
Illustrated by: Brandon Gorski.
All Ages / Sci-Fi / Coming Soon


Seth Silver, a former supero died defending the world.

Something has happened to seth since then.  At some point he has returned and discovered a world he no longer recognizes. Through shattered memories and connections, HYPERSHOCK struggles to reconnect with his world and what happened to him.