In The Shade Publications
Legends of Lys

Welcome to a land where creatures and monsters are real! A land where battles are waged and legends are forged! Join Ilona on her journey to become a paladin! When a scheming elder god named Talos joins forces with the woods witch named Vyl, a diabolical plan ensues to take out our heroes and Sanctum itself

All Ages / Fantasy

Fenrir and the Escape From The Deep

The sister book to Legends of Lys picks up after the events of Legends of Lys Annual. Fenrir finds himself in a strange land with dark skies, spirits and all manner of demons. Desperate to return home he embarks on a quest that could upset the entire balance of the Deep!

All ages / Fantasy / Horror

The Expeditions of Atlas Clarke

coming soon!
Match: City On Fire

The complete collected edition of Match, a crime comic book originally published as a weekly serial on Brandon’s blog. Match follows the story of a serial arsonist terrorizing a New England town.

Teen+ /crime noir / 80 pages


The sequel to 2016’s Match: City On Fire picks up moments where match left off. Wes Ellis has been reborn from the flame. After a year of being on the outs and narrowly escaping death he begins to pick up the pieces. This is what happens next.

Rated Teen + / Crime Noir/Superhero / 40 pages

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